About Me

With over a decade of clinic experience, Marianne is highly qualified to help her patients fulfil their health goals. Marianne graduated from the Northern College of Acupuncture in York in 2010 and has been in private practice since then.
Marianne undertakes regular on going training and has particularly enjoyed a focus on women’s health issues, with fertility and IVF support, menopause and hormonal balance being of key interest. She enjoys supporting people with long term health issues and supporting people to have less pain.
Marianne is a full member of the Association of Acupuncture Clinicians and is local authority licensed.

For further information as to why to choose a practitioner who is a member of the AAC, you can find out more about the ACC at www.britishacupunctureassociation.

Prior to training as an acupuncturist Marianne worked with asylum seekers and refugees, and from her work with torture victims has developed an interest in the mental/emotional aspect of health and well-being. Marianne has also worked with post civil war communities and AIDS support groups in El Salvador. Marianne lives in Wisbech with her husband, children, dogs, cats and chickens! In her spare time she enjoys being outdoors, at the coast or in the hills, reading and spending time with her family.

As well as being an acupuncturists Marianne specialists in helping women with hormonal balance and is the author of Put Yourself First, a ground-breaking and evidence based book on how to prioritise your health and wellbeing. You can purchase the book on Amazon.

Marianne also has a website dedicated to women’s health coaching which can be found here.

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