To all past, current and future patients:

Lifestyle Advice

With the lockdown in full swing, it’s not currently possible for me to see patients in person to deliver acupuncture. However, all my patients know that their treatments with me are about way more than just the needles. They get detailed and personalised lifestyle advice, help supporting their mindset around health behaviours, breathing and relaxation exercises, advice on how daily actions and choices affect their particular symptoms. They get information and education about their conditions. For all of this, we don’t need to be in the same room. 

So to be able to continue to support you at this time I’ve come up with a range of services that you can book online and have with my via video link. These sessions will also involve teaching you acupressure points that you can use until I can treat you in clinic. 

Here’s what’s on offer: 

New Patient Assessments with Lifestyle Advice and Acupressure Prescriptions

For new patients wanting a full Chinese medicine assessment of their issue, in which they will be given personalised lifestyle advice and acupressure plan with a view to then having acupuncture at follow-on prices once available. This aims to guide you on how to make as much difference to your own health as possible whilst waiting for treatment. This will be particularly helpful for those with any kind of digestive or stress-related issue, pain management, hormonal issues such as optimising health for conception, peri-menopausal problems, headache and many more. This will last for an hour and will be £40. This will be free for NHS frontline staff. 

Follow-on Video Session:

For patients who have already had acupuncture with Marianne or have had the full assessment on video. This session is to review where you are at and give you specific lifestyle and acupressure advice to help you manage your health issues during lockdown. This will last half an hour and is £20. FREE to NHS frontline staff.

Power Calm Session:

For patients wanting help to let go of anxiety and worry. You will be taken through breathing techniques and acupressure points and be given calming exercises to do at home. This lasts 20mins and is £15. FREE to NHS frontline staff. 

You can book all of these appointments by following this link:

For NHS frontline staff please email me on [email protected] so I can book you in without payment. 


For any current or new patients who wish to be contacted first when it’s time for me to take bookings again if you pre-pay for your appointments now you will get them at a reduced rate and be contacted first by me to book in prior to me announcing my re-opening. To thank you for this loyalty, new patient appointments will be £40 instead of £55 and follow-on patients will be £30 instead of £45. If you wish to do this then please let me know by emailing me or sending me a message via the MK Acupuncture Facebook page and I will send you a payment link for you to pay by card. 

Meantime, please stay at home as much as possible and follow the current government guidelines.

Keep following my MK Acupuncture Facebook page where I will continue to keep in touch with supportive videos, the latest information on keeping healthy at this time and a place where we can get through all of this craziness together. 

With well wishes


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