Why some people catch every bug going…

Stress, Immune System

Ever wondered why some people just seem to catch every bug that passes them by? Their immune system clearly isn’t doing its job, and there are usually three key reasons for this:

Stress: being under stress day after day sets a chain reaction of chemicals and hormones going that essentially lower the response of our immune system to invading pathogens (bacteria and viruses). This leaves you vulnerable to catch coughs and colds more easily. If you can’t stop the stress coming at you from work etc then make time each day to do something that really relaxes you, mediation, reading, exercise. And definitely prioritise getting to bed early. Sleep will help boost your immunity.

Gut health: we’ve all heard about good gut bacteria right? If we’ve been eating too much sugar, not enough veg and fibre, or had courses of antibiotics, undergone emotional upset or stress, the chances are you don’t have enough of the healthy good gut bacteria that help boost your immunity in so many ways. It’s super important to eat plenty of veggies, minimise sugar (yes that includes alcohol), and include some fermented foods in your diet. Deficiency in vitamins and minerals: lack of vitamin C, D, B vitamins and zinc can all mean our immune system is not firing on all cylinders. As we head into the darker months consider a good quality supplement, especially of vitamin D, which has a big role in our defenses.

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